1st Bn Middlesex Machinegun Support Regiment -           15th Scottish Infantry Division, 1944-45, the "Diehards".

Establishing a new WW2 British reenacting unit primarily located in central Maryland, USA.

Unit mission statement: To portray the gunners of the WW2 Middlesex MG Regiment of the 15th Scottish Infantry Division in the 1944-45 ETO. To develope & maintain the unit impression which includes the use of period weapons, vehicles & equipment as used during the Second World War. We seek to accomplish this by ongoing unit research. We participate in mock reenacting battles & tactical scenarios. We also participate in living history, military timeline and educational events.  

 The unit: We are organized to provide MG support fire to other Commonwealth and Allied infantry and mechanized formations. We accomplish this off the use of a gas converted Vickers machinegun and a unit transport vehicle, currently a1942 Canadian 15cwt general service truck (seen above). At times the Vickers MG, the tripod & all equipment will need to be hand carried by unit members into place during scenarios. We seek several able bodied fellows over 21 years of age who are comfortable & capable of carrying 40-50 pound loads over short distances, as well as their personal kit, in order to portray a British Army MG section. We don't ride everywhere we go.

 Membership Obligations: All members must be able to provide their own transport to events or unit functions & be willing to travel to events a minimum of two times a year. The unit can provide camp items such as tentage, etc. Items considered necessary for the impression are those which are worn or used in warm and cold weather climates. Prospective members shall become uniformed with the basic P-37 BD uniform and collarless flannel shirt, khaki drill shirt and trousers / shorts, MkII helmet, cap toe ammo boots and basic P-37 web gear before a year after approval is given to join.   

 For information contact Johnnie at highlandman59@yahoo.com